Pedestal Mount, Dual-Function LED 3rd Brake Light / Chrome


This beautifully chromed dual-function (high & low intensity), 10 LED pedestal mount 3rd brake light will draw immediate attention to your vehicle when you’re cruising &/or stopping! Dual-function 3rd brake light feature is easy to connect via a simple 3 wire hook-up (Ground, Tail Light (optional low intensity if desired) & Brake Light (high intensity). Nicely detailed sturdy metal swivel base supports the chromed non-metallic LED light housing which is fully enclosed and visually neat & clean. Unit measures 9 3/16″ in overall length & stands 1 3/4″ tall. Front to rear depth is 1″ & base plate mounting holes are 2 5/16″ on center. Can be swiveled into a variety of mounting positions.


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Additional information

Weight .50 lbs
Dimensions 11.8 × 4.50 × 1.30 in